Melvin and Carol Zelaya, and Ernesto Zelaya – October 2013

Melvin and Carol Zelaya, and Ernesto Zelaya
Melvin supplying programs to Yoni

The Lord is blessing the different ministries under our responsibility. A radio listener from Costa Rica contacted us requesting evangelistic material. He says that his desire is to share Christ and to disciple some believers that recently came to the Lord in the church that he attends. The Lord allowed us to send a box full of materials for the ministry that this radio lisitener is doing.
Visiting and/or calling radio stations that air the programs is one of our highest priorities, since the staff at the stations constantly change. In our visits we hear of people that have been blessed through our ministry, and we also meet believers that are committed to use radio to spread the Word.

Yoni, is a believer that lives in the town of Talanga. He contacted us through e-mail and requested our programs. My wife and I visited him, and he told us that over 10 years ago he accepted the Lord as his Savior. Despite severe physical limitations, the Lord has provided him the opportunity to work as program director for a man that owns six radio stations. Since he heard our programs, he knew that they would be a blessing for the radio listeners. Now, thanks to Yoni’s dedication, the Gospel will be heard in three different towns of Honduras. Melvin supplying programs to Yoni
One church in Tegucigalpa and three congregation in rural areas of Honduras are also under our responsibility. I am training faithful men, who at the same time are leaders in these congregations.

Melvin and Carol Zelaya, and Ernesto Zelaya
Families at El Renuevo receiving water filters

It is a great blessing to see people in our congregations demonstrating their spiritual growth and in the knowledge of the Lord. A couple that has been attending the church in Tegucigalpita decided to formalize their marriage, understanding that simply living together is not a pleasing matter to the Lord. As the Lord provides resources, we seek to bless not only the believers in these congregations, but also others who live in those rural communities. Someone provided a generous donation of 15 water filters for families of the church at El Renuevo. Not only the families that attend this church will be benefited, but they will share this bleesing with their neighbors by providing them with filtered water. We had a special service at the church when the filters where given to the people, and Melvin had the opportunity to preach about Jesus as the only source of living water.
Families at El Renuevo receiving water filters

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