Smaily and Rosanna Rosario
Smaily visiting a Radio Station in La Romana

Dominican Republic, like other countries in Latin America is also dealing with various social issues. A serious problem right now is a high rate of domestic violence. Around 600 women have been killed in 2013 by either their husbands, or former partners. Studies show that every 36 hours one woman between 13 and 45 years of age is killed. The authorities along with civic groups are trying to find answers to this problem.

A few months ago my wife and I accepted the invitation to represent Spanish World Ministries in the Dominican Republic. Even though we have no experience in ministries related to radio, we realized that this is an effective tool to reach people with the Gospel, and we also know that Christ is the only answer to all the social problems affecting our country.

Understanding that one of my main responsibilities would be to contact the stations in our data base to confirm the broadcasting of our programs, I established certain strategies to fulfill my ministry. In the first couple of months, fourteen stations confirmed that they are broadcasting the programs. I have also visited new stations, and praise the Lord!

Three of them agreed to begin the broadcasts, and another five will give us an answer in the next few weeks. Out of 14 provinces in the Dominican Republic, we have confirmed that our programs are being aired in four of them. Our prayer and desire is that hearts would be transformed through the preaching of the Gospel in our programs, and that the families that are suffering with domestic violence would come to know Jesus Christ.

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