Aland and Mayra Guillen – October 2013

Aland and Mayra Guillen
Aland giving samples of the programs to a pastor in Queretaro

Finding station directors willing to air our programs is a difficult task in Mexico. But the Lord has brought along a number of believers in different regions of the country that are sponsoring the programs in local radio stations. With the violence that prevails all over Mexico, it is encouraging to know that people are having the opportunity to hear about Christ through radio stations in key places such as Monterrey, where a pastor has obtained a slot in a secular station.

He shared that our programs are having good reception among his audience. He is offering Cds with our programs to the radio listeners, and several people have called requesting a copy of the programs. Carlos Martinez, a believer that sponsors the programs in a radio station in Torreon, for several years was in charge of a jail ministry.

Our programs were a useful tool as he visited inmates. During his last visit, he learned that three inmates were killed the day before their scheduled release. Because of the constant increase in violence among the inmates, he is not allowed to continue the ministry in the jail. Our hope is that God will touch the hearts of those inmates that Carlos was ministering to, and that through the Cd’s given to them other inmates will understand and accept the message of salvation in Christ. Please pray that the Lord would touch many hearts as our programs are broadcasted in the states of Baja California, Nuevo Leon, Tabasco, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Chiapas, and Jalisco. All of these regions have been severely affected by the presence of the drug cartels

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