Melvin Zelaya – July 2012

I am thankful to the Lord for the ways He has been using our lives as a family in spite of difficult moments that we have faced this year. One of the hardest has been that four months ago my father passed away. My trust is that one day I will be able to see him again in the presence of our Lord. Certainly this trial has been very hard for me and for the whole family, but as the time goes by I have been able to discover new lessons from God in regards to His faithfulness even in times of sorrow.

Melvin with Joel

The ministry in Honduras keeps expanding in different directions. Training leaders to oversee the congregation that God has given us to work with has been a top priority in our ministry. Another aspect that has demanded our attention is the work teams that have been coming to Honduras to help us with different construction projects in the congregations under our responsibility, especially at El Renuevo. Also God has given me the privilege to explain the message of salvation to some people within the last months. Praise the Lord three of them accepted Jesus as their Savior. Joel is a young man who lives in Guinope, and eventually he visited the church in Casitas. I went to visit him at his house and after some time reading different passages that explain the need of a Savior, Joel opened his heart to the Lord. He said that he has listened to our programs on a local radio station, so he was pleased when I gave him a Bible and some CD’s to help him to grow in his spiritual life.

Melvin Zelaya leading Graciela to accepted Christ as her Savior

For several years Graciela, who lives in Tegucigalpita, Honduras, showed a strong sense of discomfort since my brother Ernesto and I planted a church in this small town. Her devotion to her traditions made her reject the idea of having a Bible church in her community. But at the same time, God was dealing with her as she was listening to our programs through a local radio station. After several weeks of hearing the exposition of the Scriptures through radio, one day she realized that she could not continue apart from God due to her spiritual condition. It was after listening to one of our programs that she decided to accept Jesus as her only Savior. The following Sunday she attended the church in Tegucigalpita. As the congregation was ready to participate in the communion, Graciela rose from her seat, and with conviction, she expressed her desire to confess Jesus as her personal savior.

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