Andrés Carrasco – July 2012

Andrés with the boxes for Punta Arena

During the first semester of this year I have been able to establish contact with owners of radio stations that do not know about our radio programs. During the first quarter most of the contacts were from regions around Santiago and some regions in the central part of the country. Most of these contacts were obtained thanks to my participation in different events organized for radio broadcasters. Since most of the radio stations are secular, the directors have never heard about our programs, thus my attendance to these types of events open wider opportunities to transmit the Gospel in more stations. In the second quarter of this year, God provided the funds to travel to the most southern part of Chile, Punta Arenas. I had two specific purposes for this project. The first was to supply evangelistic literature to many churches in this region that barely have access to Christian literature. My main concern was how much it would cost to send all the literature that I had available. A believer that has a business in Punta Arenas told me that she would be willing to send all the boxes at any cost. The other purpose was to take with me a good amount of sample programs to introduce our programs to churches and radio stations.

Provincia de Magallanes

I praise Him because He blessed my efforts and I was able to visit several churches and attended pastor’s conferences. Pastors and Christian leaders appreciated the literature that I supplied for them, and had a great interest in using our programs as an evangelistic tool in local radio stations. Most of them expressed that they are not used to seeing ministries taking the time to go to visit them to supply materials to share the Gospel to the unbelievers. Several radio stations were also visited and in most of the cases, the directors appreciated the quality of the programs. Eventually they will confirm the transmission of the programs.

After two months traveling through different regions in the southern part of Chile, I realized that there is a tremendous spiritual need all over these regions. Most of the believers shared that ministries with sound doctrine barely visit these places, therefore the proliferation of cults and charismatic groups have widely spread in this region. The distribution of literature with sound doctrine is not common.

Andrés with a radio station owner

The owners of Christian radio stations do not have good materials to broadcast. Several secular stations allow certain hours, especially at night, for Christian programs, but once again, no Christian radio ministries take the time to make the materials known to the believers in this far region.

I praise the Lord not only because He supplied the funds to bring programs and literature to the different towns that I visited, but especially because He has opened doors in more stations to broadcast the proclamation of His Word through our programs.



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