Paraguay – Roberto Acuña

Roberto Acuña introducing our programs to a group of pastors

Having over 200 radio stations transmitting our programs, it is important to maintain constant contact with all of them. When radio stations change directors, sometimes there is a tendency to leave our programs out of their transmission schedule. Therefore it is important to make sure that the new personnel get acquainted with our programs. In the last three months I visited six stations with new directors and praise the Lord that they all agreed to keep airing the programs.  I also visited another thirteen stations for the first time and all of them decided to include our programs in their transmissions. At a meeting with several pastors I gave them information of our radio ministry.  At the end of my presentation several of them approached me wanting to learn more about how they can be used as an evangelistic tool. Three pastors that already have segments in radio stations, asked me to supply them with programs. The pastor of another church told me that although they do not have the resources to sponsor the programs, that they would be helpful in teaching God’s Word to the people in his church. Several of them want to have a Bible study, but unfortunately he does not have teachers to lead them. As he heard the programs he felt that they would be a great resource to teach the Scriptures in small groups.

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