David Franco

A believer that has a Christian segment in a radio station in Mexico City accepted to use our programs whenever he might have the chance.  A pastor of a church is seeking to sponsor the programs in a new Christian station. I praise the Lord because He has opened these possibilities in moments when owners of stations are closed to the idea of accepting and transmitting Christian programs.  Please pray that the Lord would open the doors in an important network of stations in Mexico City. Within the next weeks I will have an appointment with the lady that can approve the transmission of the programs. Besides these radio contacts I have also been in touch with pastors to encourage them to use our programs as an evangelistic tool. In May I attended a convention of Baptist churches. I handed out 27 packages with samples of the programs and over ten pastors asked for more information.

Vacation Bible School

Also in a Baptist church I was invited to share about missions during a Vacation Bible School.  Our missionaries Melvin Zelaya (Honduras) and Roberto Acuña (Paraguay) were able to share, though Skype, about the impact of our radio programs in those countries. The children understood the importance of using radio to reach people in situations where is urgent to preach the Gospel.  At the end of the presentation, the person in charge of the missions committee and one of the pastors expressed interest in using a CD with our programs in a welcome kit to be given to those that attend this church for first time.

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