Cornelius & Aida Rivera

2011 has been a year of expansion regarding our Christian service.  We have become more involved in an international conference ministry as we have visited our national missionaries.  We have spent time with our missionaries in Perú, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, and Honduras, and are thankful for their dedication to the expansion of the gospel through radio in their countries. In South America we have had Bible conferences in at least twenty different churches.  The purpose is to strengthen the believers with the Word, and to encourage pastors and elders in the expository preaching of Scripture.  We are convinced that the tendency toward a “light sermon” diet is keeping the churches undernourished and having a damaging effect among evangelicals in Latin America.  Thus, we are committed to the clear exposition and application of the Word wherever and whenever such opportunities arise.  It is for this reason that I am delighted to participate in teaching at the Seminary for Expository Preaching in Honduras.  Please pray that in the midst of all this I might be able to keep up with the production of our radio programs.

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