Bolivia – Pedro & Kitty Salces

Pedro during a speaking course

Since Pedro is only part time with our ministry, after the Christian university closed the radio station where Pedro was a professional radio announcer, Pedro and his family faced a very difficult financial situation.  Since then he has done free lance work for radio and television, and has also developed a broadcasting and public speaking course that he has been able to teach in several schools and public relation businesses.  This has given him opportunities to travel within Bolivia and opened up a number of contacts for the distribution of our programs.

With the closing of several stations by the government, we had a net loss of four.  It could have been more, but a number of additional stations began transmitting our programs.  Pedro currently supplies 129 stations in Bolivia.  They are also involved in a counseling ministry through their local church. Recently a lady that has been attending their church for over five years was confronted with a desperate situation. Among other issues her daughter had an accident that required several surgeries. Since those surgeries were urgent, this lady acquired a huge debt. Since she had never trusted Jesus as her savior, she thought about committing suicide as she was dealing with a stressful financial situation. In spite of these thoughts, she felt that God was trying to intervene in her family. Finally she decided to come to talk with Pedro, and while they were talking she realized about her need of Christ. Finally she accepted Him as her personal savior. Now she is attending the church faithfully and her spiritual growth is evident.

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