Perú – René & Isabel Hurtado

Since René and his family joined our ministry back in 2004, we have seen a great increase in the number of stations broadcasting our programs in Peru. In 2006 we had 106 stations in our data base. As of the end of 2011 we have 197 radio stations proclaiming the good news of salvation in Christ. Year after year the Hurtados’ desire has been to increase the number of radio stations transmitting the Gospel in Peru. Just last year Rene was able to not just maintain the contact with and supply the radio stations, but there was actually a growth of 20 stations in comparison with 2010.

René sharing about Spanish World radio programs in a church

It is a great privilege to have godly couples, such as the Hurtados representing our ministry in Latin America. Besides the constant contacts with radio stations, Rene is always searching for opportunities to introduce our ministry in churches. Thanks to his efforts, several churches that have radio ministries, have found in our programs, an important source of material with sound doctrine to use in their broadcast.

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