Winona Lake – Daniel & Reyna Sandoval

Sandoval family

We are thankful with the Lord for the blessing and the responsibility that has He has given us to serve Him through Spanish World Ministries. We praise Him because our radio programs are the heart of this ministry. The missionaries are the arteries that keep the flow of the message reaching the ears, minds, and hearts of millions.  The Lord took us from 1,442 stations at the end of 2010 to 1,575 as of December 2011.  We are not just looking for numbers, but for what they mean in terms of ministry. Each new station transmitting represents hundreds or even thousands of additional men and women who at one time or another will hear the message.  The truth of Romans 10:17 is what counts, and we are so thankful each donor that is having such an important part in making it possible for us to put that truth into practice. Certainly this year represents a great challenge for our ministry in terms of fulfilling our vision in reaching more people with the Gospel.

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