Winona Lake – Daniel Sandoval

Winona Lake – Daniel Sandoval

Eager to preach the Gospel all over Latin America

In his letter to the believers in Rome, Paul wrote of his responsibility to take the message of the Gospel to both, Greeks and non-Greeks, to the wise and to the foolish (1:14). Thus, he declared his eagerness to preach the Gospel to those in Rome (1:15). The reason? He[…]

Fellow workers in Christ Jesus

  Doing God’s work leads us to others who are also His fellow workers, so that together we might join in furthering His work. When I first was asked to teach at the Seminary for Expository Preaching in Honduras, some seven years ago, I welcomed the opportunity to get back[…]

Winona Lake – Daniel & Reyna Sandoval

We are thankful with the Lord for the blessing and the responsibility that has He has given us to serve Him through Spanish World Ministries. We praise Him because our radio programs are the heart of this ministry. The missionaries are the arteries that keep the flow of the message[…]

Winona Lake – Daniel Sandoval

This year has represented a whole new blessing as the Lord called me to the position of Director of this ministry. Even though most of my responsibilities have to do with administrative aspects, it is a privilege to know that many people are exposed to the Gospel on a daily[…]