Eager to preach the Gospel all over Latin America

A radio station airing the Gospel in Guarani and Spanish in Yaguaron

In his letter to the believers in Rome, Paul wrote of his responsibility to take the message of the Gospel to both, Greeks and non-Greeks, to the wise and to the foolish (1:14). Thus, he declared his eagerness to preach the Gospel to those in Rome (1:15). The reason? He was not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is a powerful message (v.16) through which God reveals his righteousness (v. 17). Multitudes in the world, including the Spanish speaking countries ignore this truth. Like Paul, those of us associated with Spanish World Ministries eagerly seek to make people aware of the power of God in Christ by proclaiming this message. Thus, we endeavor to reach as many people as possible through the viability of radio and the more advanced technology of an application for smart phones. With these more modern methods, we address an old problem still present today. Paul explained to the Romans that since ancient times man has “exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator” (1:25). This situation remains unchanged among the different cultures in Latin America. The people in the town of Yaguaron, near the capital city of Asuncion, in Paraguay, continue to hold traditions of myths and legends such as the one about “Pombero”. He is considered “The Lord of the night”. He protects the land and provides fertile lands to those that seek to please him, but at the same time, he can be wicked with those who are not grateful to him. People in Yaguaron, and other nearby regions, carry offerings out into the fields to “the guardian of the land”. We know that the truth of the gospel, the power of God unto salvation, is what can release their hearts from the power and control of Satan. Roberto Acuña, our missionary in Paraguay eagerly translates and adapts our programs to the Guaraní language and culture. Although Spanish is also spoken in the area, Guaraní is the first language of most people in that region. Thus, we rejoice in that with Roberto’s visit to the area, one station was receptive to broadcasting our programs in both languages. A great opportunity for us to make the message known, and for the people in Yaguaron to become aware of their of need of Christ. May God’s power of salvation graciously work in many hearts. We continue to eagerly seek stations willing to transmit that message and add to the current 226 that already broadcast our programs. Thirty of them in Guaraní!

Smaily supplying programs to a radio station in Bayaguana

In the Dominican Republic, another case of exchanging the truth of God for a lie is found in in the town of Bayaguana. According to tradition, a little girl in 1606 discovered the image of the Christ of Bayaguana. Soon after, it is said that the girl’s mother recovered her sight. For over four centuries, people have believed that Christ is present in an old piece of wood. Every year thousands of people get together to worship this image in Bayaguana. Spanish World’s missionary, Smaily Rosario, fully aware of the importance of spreading the Gospel in his country, eagerly visits radio stations to introduce our programs. In Bayaguana God opened the doors and the frequency of one secular station to air our program. The Director of this station expressed that our programs transmit the kind of messages that society needs to hear. With boldness and not ashamed of the Gospel, our missionary perseveres in finding additional stations. With 123 stations currently transmitting our broadcasts in the Dominican Republic, 915 times per week, our prayer is that hearts are transformed with the power of His Word.

Directors of a radio station in Sihanota receiving our programs

In Bolivia, millions, every day face the future without the real hope in Christ, and Satan uses every possible trap to deceive people’s hearts. One is drug addiction with all its ramifications and consequences for society. Although the authorities claim to be fighting the battle against the production and distribution of cocaine, the truth is that the drug cartels continue to expand their distribution in Bolivia and beyond. Sinahota is a town located in the region of El Chapare, the largest region of cocaine production. Eagerness to make the message known in the area, led missionary Pedro Salces to go to Sinahota to introduce our programs. The owners of four radio stations agreed to air them. 1,500 times per week, through 149 stations the message of salvation in Christ goes over the air waves in Bolivia. Including four stations in Sinahota.

Paul considered himself under obligation to take the Gospel to the Greeks, non-Greeks, and beyond to others as well, for in wishing to go Rome he projected to go over to Spain (15:28). At Spanish World Ministries, we feel the imperative to make known this message and expand its outreach in every country of Latin America. God has opened doors in over 1900 radio stations in the Spanish speaking countries. In addition, with newer technologies, through our App, our web site, and our presence in social media, the outreach widens every month. As Paul said to the Romans we also ask of you “to strive together with us in your prayers to God for us” (15:30). That He might keep us faithful to His Word and eager to proclaim it; that He might touch the hearts of new contributors to eagerly participate with us in this crucial endeavor. The need to make the gospel known is great, and our financial resources are critically short. That is why we want to invite you to join us in the task of proclaiming the Gospel through your spiritual and financial support.

Thankful to the Lord for you, and with our hope fixed on the living God (I Tim. 4:10),

Daniel Sandoval
Executive Director

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  1. I really like this new format. It is well done, looks very professional and gets the message across about the wider ministry. We are thankful for Spanish World, support it every month and pray for it very often. God bless you in your work. Do you happen to have any updates on El Renuevo in Honduras? How are the people there doing with the Lord? Is Pedro still there? Have the houses and ministry buildings we built (1999-2002) holding up? Is there still a medical clinic there? The missionary training center? How are Ernesto and his son doing (I saw the recent report about the robbery). Is Gladys Davila still living? How is she and her family doing? It would seem that all the people who went there to do hard work would like to have a report on the current situation. Thanks for considering that!
    John Morrow

    – RR

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