David Franco – May 2013

Finding it very difficult to have our programs in radio stations in Mexico, David has been working on an application to make our programs available in smart phones and other devices. We would appreciate your prayers for other projects that will be included in the development of this application. Making use of this technology will allow us to reach the electronic generation in Mexico, and virtually all around the Spanish speaking world.   In the most recent months David has continued to contact leaders of different churches and ministries, trusting that the churches will understand and respond to the importance of using radio as a tool to reach many with the message of the Gospel.   David also ministers to people that the Lord brings his way; people, such as Hector, a handicapped man who works on the streets selling candies. This man’s heart is heavy with regret for not having been a good father and now seeing in his daughter a drug addict.   David has started a Bible study with him.  David and his wife Alejandra are also helping spiritually several neighbors that are dealing with difficult issues in their lives, seeking to share the message of salvation with them.

Insecurity and violence in Mexico City are common factors with which people have to deal daily.  David was recently confronted with such a situation.  While ordering his meal at a restaurant, some thieves decided to take off with his backpack.  He feels that not having seen when they did it was a form of protection, since otherwise he might have been physically harmed.  In his backpack he had his laptop and the hard drive of another computer that needed to be repaired.  Basically he lost important personal and ministry data.  Please pray for all that this entails for the ministry as well as for David financially.  At the same time, we praise the Lord for His protection in a violent city where many need to know Christ.

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