Roberto Acuña – May 2013

Roberto visiting a radio station in Luque, Paraguay
Roberto visiting a radio station in Luque, Paraguay

“Luque” is one of the suburbs in the area of Asunción, capital of Paraguay, and the people of Luque are very proud of their   soccer team, the “Sportivo Luqueño”. The fans, the “Changoligans” are well known for their fierceness and violence. Their enormous fanaticism and unmatched loyalty creates an atmosphere of violence and fear before, during, and after each game.  Drugs play a big role with the situation. Beyond the passion for their team, the Changoligans (similar to the hooligans in Europe) are mobs that cause riots, destruction, even deaths, and other social problems in this city.

Missionary Roberto Acuña visited several radio stations in Luque, including “Radio Kuré Luke 90.3”, one of the most popular stations with the changoligans. The owner is not a Christian, but as soon as he heard the quality of the messages, he agreed to broadcast them every day.

Please, pray that the Light of the World would shine in the hearts of many Changoligans, and in the hearts of people all over the city of Luque. Many are searching for the joy that only can be found in Jesus.

Early this year Roberto went to four different states in Paraguay and contacted over 65 radio stations in 28 towns. Some stations already broadcast our programs.  Nevertheless, the Lord opened doors in 19 new stations! What a blessing to know that people in different places in Paraguay are hearing the message of the Gospel, especially in Luque.  Pray that many will come to know Christ.

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