René Hurtado – May 2013

 Rene Hurtado with Pedro, pastor of a church in the jungle of Cusco
Rene Hurtado with Pedro, pastor of a church in the jungle of Cusco

As a ministry we rejoice every time we hear that our missionaries increase the number of stations. In most cases we imagine stations located in towns, with easy access either by car of public transportation. But how can we reach the people in “Caserio More”, in the state of Pacaipampa, with the gospel?  It takes five hours to get to this place riding a mule, a difficult trip for Rene to make.  But recently he met Pastor Gonzalo Garcia, and explained to him the purpose of our programs.   Pastor García realized that our materials would be a useful evangelistic tool to reach many others with the Gospel in the place where he ministers. It is the same story with Brother Pedro, who pastors a church in the jungle of “Cusco”. To get to where he ministers it is necessary to travel two days on the river.  Again, this would have been a difficult trip for Rene.   But he met Pedro during a pastor’s conference in Lima. Another pastor that lives in the province of Satipo was also at this meeting and although he does not have a radio station, he thought that a loudspeaker would be the instrument to reach many with the message.  That was it!  All three pastors in those remote areas would use the programs with loud speakers!  Thus, is not just radio. Since our desire is to assist local churches in the task of proclaiming the Gospel, we pray that through different means many will be reached with the message of salvation in Christ. That is the ultimate purpose

One day, Ysabel, Rene’s wife, took a taxi. Elmer, the driver, shared with Ysabel that for seven years he has been listening to Radio Integridad, the station owned by the church that Rene pastors. Originally his desire was to listen to our programs to prove the errors of the Evangelicals. But every time he heard the Bible teaching and checked his Bible to prove Evangelical Christians wrong, he realized that the teaching in our programs and others in the station was correct. This made him more upset, but the Holy Spirit was working in his heart. One day he went to see the priest at the church that he attended since he was young, and asked him where in the Bible was the teaching about purgatory. The priest could not give him a Bible reference, and from that moment Elmer decided he would open his heart to Christ. In a short period of time he started to attend an Evangelical church, and a few months later he resolved some problems that he had with his wife. Before Ysabel got off the taxi, Elmer asked her to pray for him and for his wife Liliana. Both are letting the Lord transform their lives.

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