After decades of having only one secular radio station in Porteña, church opens it first communitarian radio station

Our missionaries Fernando and Vanina keep working hard searching for outlets for our programs. Praise the Lord, 62 radio stations are broadcasting our programs in this country. At a time, this does not seem to be an easy task, as quite often the owners of radio stations do not show any interest in spiritual matters. However, there are owners of stations that understand that a radio program can be an effective tool to offer hope to people in times of distress. That was the case with Armando, the owner of a radio station in Rafaela. He told Fernando that the rates of criminality in the neighborhood around the radio station have been increasing tremendously. What it was interesting about Fernando’s visit to this station is that while he was waiting outside of the station, a young man with a gun approached Fernando asking for his wallet. Instead of giving him his wallet, Fernando told him about Christ. While Fernando was talking, Armando opened the door and the young man hid his gun and walked away. Our prayer is that through the broadcasting of our programs in the town of Rafaela and the rest of Argentina, many people’s lives would be transformed.

Porteña is a small town located in the northern part of Argentina with a population of 10,000 people. As thousands of towns and cities all over Latin America, this place is characterized for the strong devotions to the traditions brought by the Spaniards.

Armando, owner of radio station in Rafaela, Argentina
Armando, owner of radio station in Rafaela, Argentina

In consequence, most of the people live their lives without any understanding of the importance of trusting Christ as their personal savior. Recently, our missionary Fernando Fiordelli traveled to this town and found out that there is only one secular radio station. As he visited this station, the owners rejected to broadcast our programs. Then he decided to visit a local church and encouraged the leaders to open a communitarian radio station. Fernando talked to the pastor and to some members of the church and explained them about the importance of using radio to reach people with the Gospel. People from the congregation raised the necessary funds to build a small recording studio and Fernando helped them to obtain the license to broadcast. Within two months, the church launched the second radio station in Porteña. Few weeks later, they had some issues with the transmitter and could not broadcast for a few hours. Owners of business in the downtown area (unbelievers all of them) called immediately to the church asking if there was any issue with the transmission. After decades of having only one radio station in Porteña broadcasting all sorts of music offered by the standards of this world, a Christian church, like a lighthouse, is shining in the darkness with the proclamation of God’s Word and with music that exalts our God. As a result, new families are starting to attend this church. Our programs are reaching many people with the message of salvation in Christ in the town of Porteña and many other regions in Argentina.

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