On October 9th, our missionaries, their spouses, the staff, and four members of the Board, got together in Punta Cana. Our previous missionary conference took place in October of 2018, not knowing that the following year the world would be entirely affected by a pandemic that would transform almost every human being. With the approval from the Board of Directors and God’s provision through several faithful donors, God allowed us to have our eighth missionary conference. All the team of Spanish World Ministries got together for seven days to renew our commitment through what God had prepared for us during this important event. The Bible conference given by Cornelius Rivera was the primary source of challenge for all who are part of this ministry.
Understanding that as believers, we are constantly confronted with the influence of the world around us and attacked in different ways by Satan, the messages given to the seven churches in Revelations chapters two and three acquired a particular relevance. Knowing that we are more than conquerors in Christ, through His word, we were warned not to pretend an external commitment to the Lord but a genuine daily response to Him through sincere obedience to Him, regardless of what is happening around us. We were challenged to be overcomers with the power of His word.


Each ministry report given by the missionaries was a reason to praise the Lord. They reflected God’s protection, provision, and direction for the missionaries and their families throughout these difficult years. Some of them deal with challenges related to COVID. Others had spiritual attacks from the enemy in their lives or the lives of their dear ones. Others had to deal with physical problems or with financial situations. Something evident in every country was the obstacles from the enemy as they sought to have more outlets broadcasting our programs. But at the same time, the Lord’s presence and direction were there to help them remain faithful to the call they received from the Lord.
As a result of their dedication, it was a great blessing to hear firsthand the increase in the number of outlets within the last three years despite the obstacles and attacks from the enemy. In 2018 we had 2,500 stations in our database with 28,500 weekly broadcastings. By October this year, we had 3,080 stations with 33,800 weekly broadcastings. It means an increase of 5,300 weekly broadcastings! Our programs were on the air in Quechua and Guarani in 147 stations at the end of our last conference. By October this year, the Lord has opened 472 outlets with programs in these languages. It means 325 more radio stations! At the end of our last conference, our programs were played through our App 175,000 times. Currently, the programs are played 512,000 times. An increase of 337,000 times in four years!
Everyone returned to their homes on Sunday 16th, with a clear statement in their minds and hearts, given by Cornelius Rivera at the closing of the last conference:

“We must trust the Lord, so we may overcome the challenges that Satan and the world will set before us. No matter what may happen in our lives, families, countries, or around the world, may our love for Him keep us firm as we serve the Lord with faithfulness.”

Our gratitude to those of you who generously provided financially for this conference! To those who prayed for this event, our appreciation for being willing to invest time interceding for all the aspects involved in this conference. As we ended the conference, our resolution was to keep planting the seed of the Gospel in more ears and hearts through the production, distribution, and broadcasting of our evangelistic programs.
In His love,
Daniel Sandoval

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