Edified and Challenged by the Missionaries’ reports

Each one of our missionaries had the opportunity to share how the Lord is using their efforts to increase the number of outlets for the proclamation of the Gospel. In most of the cases the task of our missionaries is not that easy. Even though there are certain freedoms in most of the countries of Latin America, the truth is that enemy has been trying to stop our missionaries’ efforts.
Three main common factors are affecting the advance of the Gospel: The advance of the socialist philosophy lays its foundation in a humanistic point of view, thus it is impossible to consider the existence of God.Governments all over the Spanish speaking countries are promoting a more “tolerant” society with issues like the legalization of the abortion, the acceptance of homosexual lifestyles, and more predominant secular societies where spiritual matters are not relevant.

Other factor that is affecting tremendously the proclamation of the Gospel is the increase of the violence in many countries of Latin America. After hearing reports of some of our missionaries, we ended up praising the Lord for His protection upon them. Some of them have to travel through areas controlled by drug cartels either to introduce our programs to new radio stations, or to visit churches to encourage them to us our materials as an evangelistic tool. In certain countries there are stations located in areas controlled by guerrillas’ movements that need to be supplied with programs.
Through our missionaries’ reports we learned how God is not only protecting them, but also finding ways to fulfill their ministry in spite the obstacles.

The presence of the traditional religiosity brought by the Spaniards during the colony times is one of the greatest obstacles all over Latin America. With exception, every Spanish speaking country has a strong presence of Catholicism at every level of society. In some countries this influence makes almost impossible the presentation of the Gospel through TV or radio.

We are thankful to the Lord because in spite of these and many other obstacles, God is using our missionaries in their responsibility to seek for new outlets for the proclamation of the message of Salvation in Christ. For the last four years we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of stations transmitting our programs. As we heard the missionaries’ reports, we realized how our missionaries, with boldness and with commitment, are finding creative ways to ensure that more people in their countries are having the opportunity to hear the exposition of the Scriptures through our programs. Also, the reports helped other missionaries to learn and implement new strategies successfully used in other fields.

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