René and Ysabel Hurtado – October 2013


I went to the northwest region of Peru to visit pastors that are using our programs in their evangelistic outreach. First I was in the town of Talara, where I spent time with Moisés, the pastor of a local church.

Besides sponsoring programs in a secular local radio station, this pastor also uses the programs through loudspeakers. Several times a week his neighbors get to hear the Gospel through this means.

I also was invited to preach at a youth camp in the town of Paita. At the end, three young people accepted Christ as the personal Savior. One of them was Fredy, a policeman that lives in Lima but was invited to the camp.

One night I spoke with him for several hours about his need of Jesus, and he ended up confessing Him as his Savior.

While at the camp I also talked with the pastors that organized the camp, and showed them how our programs can have other uses besides on the radio. Andres Estrada (4th from left to right in the back row) told me that the Cd’s would be very beneficial for his church.


He is now using the programs for Bible studies at home. He also hands them out to unbelievers, and has a loudspeaker outside the church.

Rene Hurtado with a group of pastors
Rene Hurtado with a group of pastors




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