Radio stations that are agreeing to spread the Gospel in the Dominican Republic are mostly secular

Since we started this year, our whole desire has been to increase the number of stations airing our programs. We serve under the conviction that the One who called us to serve Him will be prospering our efforts to take the message of salvation to more places all over the Dominican Republic. One of the toughest things as we try to introduce the programs in radio stations is when the decision does not rely on the manager of a local radio station but on the owners of a network of radio stations. Empresas radiofonicas is a network of seventeen radio stations distributed in different regions of this country covering ten provinces. Five stations in the south have been airing our programs, but recently I had a conversation with the assistant of the general manager of the network of stations. This lady, who is a believer, heard about the purpose of our ministry, and after this conversation, she agreed to have our programs in other two radio stations.

Another difficult aspect as we try to expand the radio ministry is that sometimes it takes up to seven months the approval from the directors. That was the case with Radio VEN. This was the first station that I visited when I joined this ministry back in May of last year. After several visits, finally the Director accepted to air the programs. During the first quarter of this year 29 radio stations where visited, and eleven of them accepted to air the programs. We are thankful to the Lord because through 50 radio stations (most of them secular stations), the proclamation of the Gospel is reaching the hearts of many people that are walking in spiritual darkness.

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