Radio is not the only way God is using to reach people with the powerful message of the cross in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, one way that Satan has captured the minds and the hearts of people since the times of the Colony, has been the Santeria (The ways of Saints). This a syncretistic religion spread all over the Caribbean islands influenced by other religions from Africa. Although it includes certain elements taken from the Roman Catholic Church, the practice of the Santeria involves demonic spirits. People feel attracted to the rituals offered by the santeros (priests that follow the oral tradition of this religion). During these rituals, they systematically perform witchery to bring “success” into the lives of those that seek for their help, or “harm” among their enemies. The presence of Satan is evident in many places of this country through the strong roots of the Santeria. Is very sad to know that many people are walking in darkness as they seek for these demonic traditions. Since our commitment is to have the light of the Gospel shining in places of darkness, we thank the Lord because our missionaries Smaily and Rosanna are expanding the number of outlets airing our programs. Of 31 provinces, the Gospel now is heard through 85 radio stations in 22 provinces. Weekly, 670 times the message of salvation is heard almost all over the country! But of course, radio is not the only way God is using to reach people with the powerful message of the cross. Recently Smaily visited a believer that owns a business of purified water. He told Smaily that our programs would be an excellent material to use in his business. Now every person that comes to buy purified water, have the opportunity to hear about Christ as they listen to the programs while they refill their jugs. Our prayer is that at this business or over the 85 that air our stations programs, many people will come to the Light of the World, and as they set their trust in Christ, they “will not walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life”(John 7:38).

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