Last year we had a change in our ministry in Chile. Due to personal reason, Andrés Carrasco could not continue serving with our ministry. After a process of prayer and interviews with Daniel & Betty Huenluaf, they were invited to become our missionaries in this country.

When Daniel and his wife were invited to join Spanish World Ministries, his intentions were to serve part time with us and part time with the intercity bus carrier where he worked for several decades. But the Lord had different plans for him. The bus company decided to reduce the number of employees. And what would have been bad news for Daniel, turned into a blessing for him. He was able to confirm that the Lord wanted to use him full time representing our ministry.

Daniel is getting acquainted with all the aspects related to contact radio stations and the process of duplication and distribution of our programs among the stations included in our data base. He is encouraging churches to sponsor our radio programs in local radio station and promoting our App for smart devices among believers. We would appreciate your prayers for Lord’s blessing upon Daniel and Betty, as they raise their children in the ways of the Lord, and as they seek to increase the number of outlets airing our programs.

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