Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with the good news of salvation in Christ

Spanish World Ministries was established in 1959. The goal back then was to reach as many people as possible with the good news of salvation in Christ. Since that decade we have gone through different transitions within the last years. God has been opening greater opportunities to reach more people with the Gospel all over Latin America.

In 2002 our missionaries began to supply our programs to radio stations in CD format instead of tapes. In 2005, we created a complete data base of radio stations broadcasting our programs. Back then we had 730 radio stations broadcasting our long program. That year we launched the production of our three minute programs “Today’s Reflection”. Hundreds of radio stations, most of them secular, opened their doors to this short program, and eventually for the broadcasting of our long program. Another transition came in 2014, when our missionaries started to supply programs to radio stations over the Internet.

In this same year, we launched our App for smart devices. Currently, through over 2,300 radio stations, and with 7,600 smart devices using our App, the Gospel is heard all over Latin America. We are fully convinced that through the Radio waves, and now, thanks to newer technologies, through smart devices, millions of people can be reached with the transforming message of the cross. People like Carmen, a radio listener in Peru who came to know Christ several years ago as she was listening to one of our programs. Last year she was diagnosed with cancer. After hearing the bad news from her doctor, her first thought was, “I am not worried about dying since I know that I have the assurance of my eternal destiny with God”. Two months later she went to the presence of the Lord. As her husband was grieving the loss of her wife, he found the peace that he needed as he decided to trust in Christ as his personal savior. A radio program was the instrument that helped Carmen to have the assurance of her salvation. As a result of her testimony her husband and their children have trusted Christ as their personal savior.

In the process of increasing the number of outlets airing our programs, we depend on God’s faithful provision through the donations from believers committed with the proclamation of the Gospel. I would like to invite you to become part of our ministry through your spiritual and financial support.

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