Challenges of preaching the Gospel

Our Commitment

Paul knew the challenges of preaching the Gospel in the Greco-Roman world, where the message of the risen savior would be met with a great deal of opposition. Likewise, brother Toirac knew that such a task would not be easy in the Spanish speaking countries either. Traditions die hard, and that attitude remains in a few countries, especially in small towns where the authority of the traditional religion is still felt. In the larger cities, a certain secularistic attitude has begun to permeate the mind, particularly among the younger generations. Nevertheless, from its beginning, the ministry of Spanish World, with its emphasis on radio, has made great inroads in getting to the hearts of people. The internet, and especially our incursion into the IPhone era have been used by the Lord to continue to reach people in every corner and area of the Spanish speaking world. Like Paul, we remain eager to preach the Gospel to them.

Difficulties and Trials

Along with the millions affected in Latin America by the Covid-19 pandemic, three of our missionaries in Peru contracted the virus. Valentin Quispe, in Cusco, has had a relatively quick recovery. It has taken somewhat longer for Rene and Ysabel Hurtado. Slowly though, their strength is being restored.



In Colombia, a congenital heart defect began to affect Luis Prada toward the end of last year. In addition to the Covid situation in the hospitals, there were other health complications that prevented an immediate surgery. Thankfully, God used a Christian physician who took interest in the case and Luis was taken to a cardiology unit in a city five hours away. There, he had aortic valve replacement, and now, by God’s grace, he is recovering satisfactorily. 



In Bolivia, our missionary and recording and sound engineer, Pedro Salces, was repairing the roof of his house. A wind made him lose his balance. He fell, receiving a blow to the head and breaking his neck. Due to the nature of the accident, the doctors’ prognosis was grim. We are thankful and praise the Lord that, after two complex surgeries, Pedro is recovering. Except for some rigidity to his neck movement, there have been no great limitations in the mobility of his arms and legs. The recovery process will be long, but he is expected to be able to return to his participation in the ministry and service for the Lord.

In Mexico, Aland and Mayra Guillen, are concerned and praying for their oldest son Gerson (35 years old), who has had a stroke and is now undergoing a series of tests. Gerson is a youth pastor. Please pray for the Lord’s abounding grace to each of these families.

The Lord’s Enablement

Whereas the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down and limited the ability of all our missionaries to travel and be physically present to introduce and expand the distribution of our programs, their eagerness for the gospel has kept them busy making use of the internet and phone to make contacts with stations and enable us to reach a larger audience with the message. By God’s grace, almost 30,000 weekly programs are being played on 2,500 radio stations and 267,000 podcasts have been played through our App.

The Lord’s Provision


As we move forward, we trust that the Lord will provide the needed funds to cover the cost of producing and distributing our programs, as well as supporting our missionaries. Through the years this provision has come from people committed to the great commission. I would like to invite you to consider becoming a monthly supporter. The Lord will use any amount to reach many that need a personal encounter with Christ.

In His love,

Daniel Sandoval

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