Honduras – Melvin Zelaya

Honduras – Melvin Zelaya

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In different regions of Honduras, the gangs are demanding money as “war tax”, in return for not destroying people’s businesses

In different regions of Honduras, the gangs are demanding money as “war tax”, in return for not destroying people’s businesses. To make sure that people will surrender to their demands, gangs kill anyone who does not pay. In other words, if they do not pay, they pay with their lives. The violence all over this country is evident as gangs with the intention of controlling specific neighborhoods of Tegucigalpa and other cities close off entire neighborhoods. Hard to live in a country where death and chaos are present every day. Foreign aid, government programs, police and military presence cannot provide any kind of hope to the eight million people. Thousands of people are living without the security of eternity and many are dying without Christ in their hearts. It is in this context of violence, that as a ministry we have a tremendous responsibility to spread the message of hope in Christ to many people as possible.

Melvin providing Cd’s with our programs and Bible courses to Mauricio

Melvin providing Cd’s with our programs
and Bible courses to Mauricio

. Praise the Lord Melvin and Ernesto keep expanding the number of outlets broadcasting our programs. Currently, through 173 radio stations, peoples’ lives are transform as the Holy Spirit touch their hearts. Our conviction is that as people come to Christ, their lives will be instruments used by God to reach others with the Gospel. That is the case with Mauricio, who after listening our programs through a local Christian radio station in 1999, he accepted Christ as his personal savior. As a result of his decision to follow Christ, he felt the need to grow in his spiritual life, so he started to attend a local church and he also requested the Bible studies through correspondence that were offered at the end of our programs. As he grew in his spiritual life, he decided to commit his life to serve as a pastor. Recently he contacted our missionary Melvin Zelaya to request the Bible studies through correspondence that he received 17 years ago. His desire is to use this material to disciple new believers in the church that he is pastoring in the town of Siguatepeque, and in other two congregations that his planting in some rural areas near the town where he lives. Melvin visited and provided with the Bible courses and with CD’s with our programs. A radio program became the instrument that God used to save and transform Mauricio’s life. Now Mauricio has become a useful instrument to bring the message of hope in Christ to people who are living in despair in Honduras.

God has opened opportunities of ministry with the employees at the radio stations in Honduras

Thanks to the faithful commitment of our fellow servants Melvin and Ernesto Zelaya, our radio ministry keeps expanding in Honduras. Through 170 radio stations, the Gospel is heard by thousands of people in different regions of this country. Several stations have been obtained thanks to the sponsorship of churches or[…]


Honduras is considered as the most violent country in the world

While the world is considering Egypt, Lybia, Syria, or Iraq violent countries, the truth is that the most violent country in the world right now is located in Central America. From January to June of last year, about half of the homicides in Honduras were youth between 15 and 29,[…]


God is thriving His work in Honduras with the construction of a new temple

Melvin has continue overseeing the different minsitries that the Lord has opened in Honduras through Spanish World Ministries. With almost 150 radio stations airing the radio programs in Honduras, it becomes a priority to ensure that the stations are airing the programs. Therefore Melvin has been traveling through different regions[…]


Melvin and Carol Zelaya, and Ernesto Zelaya – October 2013

The Lord is blessing the different ministries under our responsibility. A radio listener from Costa Rica contacted us requesting evangelistic material. He says that his desire is to share Christ and to disciple some believers that recently came to the Lord in the church that he attends. The Lord allowed[…]


Melvin & Carol Zelaya – May 2013

God is blessing our constant efforts to increase the proclamation of the Gospel in Honduras. In the first part of this year more than ten radio stations have been visited for the first time, and eight of them accepted to air our programs. In addition, Melvin seeks to make our[…]


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