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Last year we had a change in our ministry in Chile. Due to personal reason, Andrés Carrasco could not continue serving with our ministry. After a process of prayer and interviews with Daniel & Betty Huenluaf, they were invited to become our missionaries in this country.

When Daniel and his wife were invited to join Spanish World Ministries, his intentions were to serve part time with us and part time with the intercity bus carrier where he worked for several decades. But the Lord had different plans for him. The bus company decided to reduce the number of employees. And what would have been bad news for Daniel, turned into a blessing for him. He was able to confirm that the Lord wanted to use him full time representing our ministry.

Daniel is getting acquainted with all the aspects related to contact radio stations and the process of duplication and distribution of our programs among the stations included in our data base. He is encouraging churches to sponsor our radio programs in local radio station and promoting our App for smart devices among believers. We would appreciate your prayers for Lord’s blessing upon Daniel and Betty, as they raise their children in the ways of the Lord, and as they seek to increase the number of outlets airing our programs.

Our missionary travels through different regions of Chile with the main purpose of make available our programs in regions where Christian ministries are barely willing to enter due to the distances

Andrés Carrasco travels through different regions of Chile with the main purpose of make available our programs in regions where Christian ministries are barely willing to enter due to the distances, or due to the danger that involves certain neighborhoods in large cities. Within the last two years, Andres has been trying to contact several […]


Chile represents a huge challenge for our ministry in terms of assisting the local churches

Chile, with a population of 18 million, is a multi-ethnic society that reflects a strong indifference to spiritual matters. According to the 2012 census, almost 67% of its population claimed to be Roman Catholic. Other 13 percentage are considered atheists or agnostics, and approximately 16% of the population claims to be Evangelical. The percentage of […]


The seed of the Gospel is planted with employees of radio stations in Chile

During the first part of the year 19 radio stations were visited for the first time. Praise the Lord three accepted to air the programs and ten stations have not confirmed yet the authorization for the broadcasting of the programs. After visiting several secular stations is kind of difficult to be optimistic about the possibility […]


A love act of our Missionary in Chile produces a big impact on non-believers

I am thankful to the Lord for the constant increase in the number of stations broadcasting our programs. Praise the Lord the Gospel is heard almost 1,300 times per week all over Chile through 166 radio stations. My main goal during this year has been to confirm that the stations included in our database are […]


The Lord opens new doors in cities of Chile where sorcery and drugs are predominant

During these last years the number of stations airing our programs has increased tremendously. Today the Gospel is heard in every region of Chile through 156 radio stations. During the first quarter of this year 17 radio stations in different regions were visited for the first time, and six of them accepted the programs! Couple […]