Winds of freedom somehow are perceived by many people in the island of Cuba

People in Cuba live with the expectation that with the changes that are taking place in this island, things will be better. During many years, this country could not experience many things that happened in other places of the world. However, not any more. The present Cuban generation are witnessing[…]

Know the impact caused through our programs to a family in Peru

About four years ago, the Florian family had to move from the town of Chocofan to Trujillo, since one of their children had an accident and required a long medical treatment. For several months, they listened to our programs through Radio Integridad, a radio station that belongs to the church[…]

The number of people in Paraguay downloading our App are increasing tremendously

God’s Word is reaching different regions of Paraguay over 2,700 times per week through the broadcasting of our programs in 265 radio stations. Our missionary Roberto Acuna has been investing a lot of time not only visiting new radio stations, but also supplying programs to those stations included in our[…]

A massive mudslide buried much of El Cambray community in Guatemala City

In October of last year, a massive mudslide buried much of El Cambray community, nine mile east from Guatemala City. Approximately 234 people died and hundreds remained missing. This disaster took place when heavy rains caused the slide of a towering hill to suddenly break loose and come crashing down[…]

Earthquake shakes Ecuador’s coast

At 18:58, on Saturday April 16, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the coastal Ecuador. Over 650 people died and 27,732 people injured. The country experienced serious difficulties distributing food and water to those in need. Approximately 26,000 people were relocated in shelters. Spanish World Ministries, through the coordination of our[…]

Dominican Republic has one of the highest rates of suicides in Latin America

Between 2007 and 2014, almost 20,000 people committed suicide. About 51% of these events took place in three of the 31 provinces (Santiago, Distrito National) in this island. Dominican Republic has one of the highest rates of Latin America. Young people between 15 and 24 years old is a group[…]