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Arellano Family

Francisco and Yaquelin were invited formally to join our ministry in Venezuela

For almost 27 years, Antonio and Julia Zorrilla have been representing Spanish World Ministries in Venezuela. During all these years this couple have been fully committed to the proclamation of the Gospel through the pastoral position that he has in a church in the town of Calabozo, and through his[…]

Leopoldo y familia

A new missionary representing for first time our ministry in Ecuador

For several years the broadcasting of our programs have been increasing in Ecuador. By the end of 2013 we had already 16 radio stations included in our data base. It was hard to believe that this number of stations were airing the programs in spite of the fact that we[…]

Roberto y familia

Roberto and Patricia Capdevila accepted the invitation to become our new missionaries in Argentina

With over 40 million inhabitants, Argentina is the third country in total population in South America. This country is also the largest speaking country with a mainland of 1,073,500 sq. miles, the second largest in Latin America. Almost 76% of the population claims to be catholic, and another 11% are[…]

Valentin y familia

Reaching with the Gospel to the Quechua speakers in South America

The Board of Directors approved at the beginning of this year a project to reach with the Gospel to the Quechua speakers in South America. Currently this language is spoken by several indigenous ethnic groups in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Argentina. In Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru this language[…]


Moving forward with Radio & Media


2nd Mile Adventure and El Camino de la Vida in Honduras joins in “Ride for a missionary cause”

Together with 2nd Mile Adventures, Team El Camino de La Vida just completed a 3-day mountain bike race through Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The rugged mountains and countless pueblos reminded us of the importance of radio ministry as so many people live in these difficult to reach places. Our[…]

Roberto y daniel en paraguay

Missions is a work made as a team!

For reasons that he explained to Timothy, Paul urged his young assistant to make his way to him in Rome. Visits from those whom we love and with whom we share the ministry are important. Even in this modern age of practically instant electronic communication through e-mails, skype, and calls[…]

Sharin (girl with white blouse) with her Sunday school students at the church

“We have heard for ourselves and know that this One is indeed the Savior of the world” John 4:42

The Samaritan woman, after she heard and recognized that Jesus was the Mesiah, ran to tell the people about her personal experience with Him. The reality of her testimony aroused curiosity in others who came, heard, and understood the message.  Whenever someone hears and accepts the Gospel, this leads to[…]


“Woe to me if i do not preach the Gospel” 1 Cor 9:16

The events around the world clearly indicate that in the matter of the preaching of the gospel there is no time to waste. At Spanish World Ministries we know how urgent this is in Latin America. The perennial problems of poverty, political instability, and unemployment are now made worse by[…]