Colombia – Luis Prada

Colombia – Luis Prada

Luis and Ruth Prada – October 2013

A lady contacted me and shared her story: “I live with my daughter and my son in law. A few weeks ago she lost her job and her employers denied paying her pension. My son in law is also looking for a job, but unfortunately the unemployment rate is very[…]

Luis Prada – May 2013

God is clearly prospering Luis’ dedication and efforts to expand the outreach of our radio ministry in Colombia.  In the last four months Luis visited 14 radio stations for the very first time and all agreed to include the messages in their program-ming.   We thank God for our missionaries’ sensitivity[…]

Luis Prada – July 2012

I thank the Lord for the wide opportunities that He is opening through the radio for the exposition of Word through our radio programs. Within the last months at least 15 stations have accepted our programs. Many of them are secular, but the directors recognize that the message of our[…]

Colombia – Luis & Ruth Prada

The Lord has opened the doors in a women’s prison in Cúcuta for the transmission of our programs. Luis has been able to establish contact with a guard in this place who is a believer. Recently this lady had the opportunity to share her faith with the Director of the[…]

Colombia – Luis Prada

I visited 24 radio stations for the first time to introduce our programs to them. Fifteen agreed to broadcast them once they heard the quality of the message. The director of a radio station that transmits in a prison contacted me saying: “Your programs were evaluated by some officials at[…]