Perú – René Hurtado

Perú – René Hurtado

Know the impact caused through our programs to a family in Peru

About four years ago, the Florian family had to move from the town of Chocofan to Trujillo, since one of their children had an accident and required a long medical treatment. For several months, they listened to our programs through Radio Integridad, a radio station that belongs to the church[…]

God is blessing in many ways the work that the Hurtados are doing in Peru

God is blessing in many ways the work that the Hurtados are doing in Peru. With over 200 station airing our program Rene keeps searching for more outlets for our programs either visiting new radio stations, or by promoting the programs among pastors and Christian leaders. As a result of[…]

Meet a listener in Peru and the testimony he left us at the end of his days

My wife and I are thankful to the Lord for the constant increase in the number of stations broadcasting our programs. Along with the increasing in the number of outlets comes also the responsibility to oversee that the CD’s that we send to the radio stations are reaching their destination,[…]

René and Ysabel Hurtado – October 2013

I went to the northwest region of Peru to visit pastors that are using our programs in their evangelistic outreach. First I was in the town of Talara, where I spent time with Moisés, the pastor of a local church. Besides sponsoring programs in a secular local radio station, this[…]

René Hurtado – May 2013

As a ministry we rejoice every time we hear that our missionaries increase the number of stations. In most cases we imagine stations located in towns, with easy access either by car of public transportation. But how can we reach the people in “Caserio More”, in the state of Pacaipampa,[…]

René Hurtado – July 2012

As a family we are thankful to the Lord for the blessing of increasing the number of stations all over Peru. As we contact new churches to offer our programs as an evangelistic tool, we realize that God always has his instruments to expand the message of the Gospel. That[…]

Perú – René & Isabel Hurtado

Since René and his family joined our ministry back in 2004, we have seen a great increase in the number of stations broadcasting our programs in Peru. In 2006 we had 106 stations in our data base. As of the end of 2011 we have 197 radio stations proclaiming the[…]

Perú – René Hurtado

God gave me the privilege to baptize Emigdio and Graciela. They both came to know the Lord through a local Christian station that broadcasts our programs in the city of Trujillo. Emigdio was born in a Catholic home. All of his life he thought that it was enough to keep[…]